Thursday, 3 April 2014

Kiss Static Hair Goodbye

You know the feeling; you pull a sweater over your head and your hair instantly goes from being un-animated and flat to taking on a life of its own.

 Like dried out skin and chapped lips, static is one of banes of our winter beauty existence. But, it doesn't have to be.

Here are my favourite ways for counteracting those pesky, positively charged electrons that plague our winter 'dos.

Don't use a plastic comb: Metal combs won't stir up the electrons as much as plastic will. (Hint: spritz some hairspray onto your comb to help tame flyaways.)

Use an ionic blow dryer: "These special blow dryers supposedly emit negatively-charged ions that attach themselves to the positively-charged hair for a neutralizing effect. The ionic molecules are also supposed to break down the water molecule rather than evaporate it, without stripping your hair of its moisture -- and the less dried out your hair, the less static."

Try Static-Guard: It works on your clothes, why not your hair? Spray some into your palms, then smooth over hair.

Dryer sheets do the job : Take a sheet and run it over your entire head for maximum benefit. You can also rub one on your pillow before going to bed to help prevent static in the morning.

Water works: When all else fails, good old water will do the trick -- it may mess with your hairstyle but it will stop the static.

Sofia x

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Growing out your fringe/bangs? 10 ways to pin them back

Hi Beautiful's

It has been a while since I have last posted on my blog. This year has been a hectic year with wedding madness, photo-shoots, launch of my website and School of Hair - watch this space for updates on that.

So recently after growing out my hair for ages I decided to get a trim. I opted for soft some soft blended feathers, not taking too much away from length. Before cutting the fringe we all have this idea that we will wake up everyday looking like Jane Birkin or Taylor Swift. Unfortunately that is not the case. Our fringes/bangs create a mind of their own and most of the time we wake up looking more like Alfalfa. Fortunately for brushes and heat styling tools, we can force our fringe into looking the way we want them to.

However, some days, no matter how hard we try, our fringes just do not want to cooperate OR it is too hot to keep them down. So for the days we want to get our fringes off our face, I have compiled 10 super cute ways to pin back that pesky fringe of yours. 
1. Create a front hanging braid like the one here! A different twist on the typical French braid, this braid looks great with hair up or down.
2. Try French braiding your fringe down the center of your head. Make sure to leave it a little loose for some added volume!
3. Give yourself a mini bouffant by simply pinning back your bangs. Love accessories? Add a cute bow!

4 .Throw your hair into a bun and pin back your fringe for a chic and easy tousled updo

5. Side part your hair and twist back your fringe. This look is great paired with long, loose waves.

6. Side part your hair and twist back your fringe. This look is great paired with long, loose waves.

7. A French braid along the crown of your face is a great and super cute way to keep your forehead cool this summer.

8. Sweep back your bangs with a headband. Add some texture with some salt spray for a cool, beachy look.
9. A quick and easy way to get your fringe off your face is simply clipping your bangs to the side. We love pairing it with a side braid for a cute and casual daytime look.
10. Add some edge and give yourself a full head of twists. You will be sure to look and feel cool this summer
Have fun trying out these cute ways to pin back your fringe. Let me know in the comments below which look is your favourite!
Sofia Qayyum x