Saturday, 27 July 2013

Managing and Styling FESTIVAL HAIR

So its that time of the year again!! With Festival season in full swing, here are my tips to managing and styling you hair, with quick and easy tricks to keeping your hair looking fresh and fabulous through the festivities!

WASH - Give you hair a good wash the night before using a really good moisturising conditioner

HOLD - Whilst your hair is still wet add a good foundation product, like a strong holding mousse and let it dry in your hair, this will help hold any style you will create later giving your hair texture.

CURLS - Tong your hair! The bigger the better, this will give it movement and shape plus you have 3-4 days for it to drop and play with.

DRY SHAMPOO - A must have, it will replenish your hair and make it feel fresh. I would recommend Batiste XXL dry shampoo, just spray in to your roots and it instantly adds texture and builds up volume.

ACCESSORISE - Hair accessories are always huge in the summer. Bows, Berets and Headbands will add creativity to any hairstyle. Big this summer is flowers! I am loving the flower crowns if your daring or you can keep it simple with small flowers.

PLAIT - If you want your curls to stay in, plait your hair overnight to keep them in and it prevents frizz.

AVOID - Using too much product like serum and waxes, your hairs naturals oil's will show through so avoid anything that will make your hair oily. And avoid touching your hair as it will build up grease.

Most importantly remember your hair is a great accessory! Play with and have fun, it can be styled in many different ways. Look out for my Top 5 Festival Hair Do's I shall be posting on my blog soon and on my Facebook page. Have fun and enjoy the festivities madness. Mwah x

Sofia Qayyum x

Friday, 5 July 2013

12th Lux Style Awards

The 12th Lux Style Awards took place yesterday for the very first time in Lahore {Pakistan} at the Pearl Continental. A lot of deserved awards were given out with acknowledgements to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Music which was presented by Mian Yousaf Salli. The awards celebrate 'style' in the Pakistani entertainment industry and honour the country's best talents in film, television, music and fashion. The LUX Style Awards is considered one of the nations premier award show events and have been dubbed 'Pakistan's Oscars'. The CEO of Warid spoke and said "these kind of events are important because they show a softer side of Pakistan".
Humsafar swept the satellite television category bagging the best actor awards, best serial and director awards.
The Awards were a colour blast with performances from Sahiba (my all time favourite), Noor, Meera, Mathira, Ahmed Butt and many more.
Atif Aslam made an appearance with his beautiful wife Sara Bharwana (pictured below). Atif performed Nusrat Fateh Ali's Afreen Afreen with Aamina Sheikh and Humaima Malik. He blew away the audience with his Dholna performance.

My favourite had to be the ravishing Ayyan Ali (below) who shone on the LSA Red Carpet, in her dress designed by Deepak Perwani with her sophisticated look.

Ayesha Omar (below) lit LSA Red Carpet on fire, and surprised everyone after her debut music album wont best record award. 
 Mehreen Syed my favourite Pakistani Model bagged herself Best Female Model of the year, pictured below with fab designer Nomi Ansari. Her outfit by Mehdi

Here is the official list of winners as revealed by the LUX Style Awards on their Facebook page. 

Achieve 'Glamorous Hair' with heated rollers

Hello Beautiful's

So I have had many requests on how to create effortless glamorous curls. Curling your hair can be a real chore, but it couldn't be simpler, and the results amazing, creating volumised, thicker and healthier looking glamorous hair. 
I love my curling tongs but I think the best way to create a lot of volume starting from the roots is with rollers. My favourite rollers are the BaByliss Thermo Ceramic Hair Rollers. They heat up very quickly, the surface of the rollers is black velvet which keeps the hair in place and they are never too hot, so you don't get burnt whilst your picking them up. The rollers are also washable which is a big plus as sometimes styling products can build up on them.

 They come in three different sizes: large, medium and small. I use the large rollers at my crown to create that extra volume on top, the medium rollers I use in the middle and the small ones at the very bottom on my longer layers as they give a smaller curl. I always put the rollers in so I roll them away from my face. I usually put my rollers in, do my makeup and by the time I am finished, I am ready to take them out. I give my hair a good upside down shake and brush where necessary to create shape and hairspray to set.
I love these rollers and think they are a must have if you want to achieve effortless curls in half the time. Techniques improve with time, you become neater and quicker.
Hope you found this helpful.
Sofia Qayyum

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Baby I was born this way!

Many moons ago, lived a young girl who had hopes, dreams and aspirations to become someone really extraordinary one day! Little did I know what started off as a hobby would evolve in to my career and put me on the road to becoming a very successful hairstylist :-D

I have always had a passion for fashion and beauty. From a young age when I was gifted my very first doll, she had long silky, shiny, goldilock ringlets for hair, crystal blue eyes and plastic ivory skin. I was always sewing her little tube dresses (because it was the only thing I could sew). Plaiting her hair and making the most random styles.

Although I later graduated with a 2:1 in Law, it was never something I really enjoyed. It was more so I could get a picture on the mantle piece. As a self-taught hairstylist I have made many mistakes, (if you don't make them you cant learn from them), learnt so many tips and tricks of the trade so I decided to share my knowledge and what I have picked up along my journey.

I will try to update this blog as much as possible with latest hairstyles and trends, tips to getting that beautiful looking hair, all the crazy industry people I meet along the way, pictorials and soon video tutorials.

So let the confessions begin…